Q: I'm not sure what things about myself to focus on in therapy, I just feel down!

A: Contact me for a free telephone consultation. If we agree that therapy is right for you after our informal discussion then it is simple to organise your first session either in my home therapy room, visit, or at the Cove clinic in Havant, Hampshire.

Q: How much is it for each session?

A: Each session lasts from 60 - 90 minutes and costs £35:00 per session. Quitting smoking sessions cost £75:00. Normally clients visit for 3 sessions for their treatment, however the amount of sessions can vary depending on the individual.

Details are on my Facebook page @chriswoodhypnotherapy

Q: I'm worried that if I am put 'under hypnosis' I will 'lose control' and you will make me do silly things like stage hypnotists do!!

A: Honestly, it would be of no benefit to either you or me! Hypnosis is a trance state that everyone experiences, for example, when daydreaming, or just before they fall asleep. Everyone 'dips' into a trance state everyday when conducting routine tasks such as driving, watching a good soap on TV, or even reading a book. When did you last drive somewhere, for example, and suddenly realised that you had gone onto 'automatic' for part of the journey and couldn't remember it in detail? When have you been thoroughly 'absorbed' in reading a good book totally oblivious to the outside world?  I simply want to work with you to create your own 'cure' for your problem by using hypnosis and the hypnotherapy techniques that I have learned.